Beyond COVID-19: The Future of Wellness Programs

A Changing Workplace

A majority of organizations are continuing to keep their workforce remote and, moving forward, many are planning on keeping a portion of their employees working remotely. For those that will be returning to work, that process will most likely happen in stages over the course of several months. This means leaders have been, and will need to continue, making adjustments to their wellness programs and strategies to match the future of the workplace.

The Future of Wellness Programs

COVID-19 has not only changed how employees work, but it has also changed the way they think about wellness and the way they want to receive care. With that being said, these are changes that we have already started to see and will most likely see in the future in regard to wellness programs:

  • Videos and On-Demand Resources: Some services and businesses are still closed, with many slowly beginning to open in stages. There is possibility of more closures if cases continue to spike, though. This makes certain aspects of daily life difficult, especially exercise. So instead of offering gym memberships, healthy cooking classes, or in office yoga sessions, these options and others will now be offered as online videos and on-demand resources.
  • Telemedicine: Even when social distancing restrictions are a thing of the past, telemedicine benefits will continue to be valuable to both employees and organizations. Not only is telemedicine convenient and more affordable, but it also allows employees to take full advantage of all their offerings due to its flexibility.
  • Mental Health Care: Incorporating mental health care was already a growing trend, however, COVID-19 put the need mental health programs in the spotlight. As cited by Fond, mental wellness apps have seen significant spikes in usage as people look for support online. Offering memberships to mental health apps, such a Headspace, and other mental health services will be an essential part of wellness strategies moving forward.

While some may think wellness programs will no longer be relevant in a post COVID world, that couldn’t be farther from the truth. Experts are predicting that healthcare costs will rise higher than expected due to the pandemic. In previous years, wellness programs were popular due to the fact that they help lower health care costs while also reducing absenteeism rates and improving employee engagement. Now, wellness programs will play a critical role in helping to manage healthcare costs. While there will be differences, the main focus stays the same: providing employees with the best resources possible and promoting healthy lifestyles. To learn more, click here!

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