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Our intrinsic coaching gives individuals time to uncover what they’re really wanting for their health

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HD Core Coach

With HD Core Coach, an onsite health coach not only builds and implements an initiative to promote a healthy environment, individual well-being, and overall goals of the organization, they also provide face-to-face health coaching that supports individual goal setting and sustained behavior change.

Supported by a team of health and wellness experts along with additional resources, your great fit HD CoreCoach will deliver Intrinsic Health Coaching and engage participants in health improvement goals, building accountability and providing feedback and encouragement.

Our Responsibilities:

  • Advising your wellness committee.
  • Communicating and promoting wellness initiatives.
  • Delivering wellness workshops, awareness campaigns, group programs, and challenges.
  • Leading physical activities, i.e. walking groups, strength training.
  • Offering recommendations for environmental and cultural strategies that fosters total well-being.
  • Developing the communication strategy and providing periodic reporting to demonstrate progress, engagement, and outcomes of the wellness program.

The coaches from Health Designs were very attentive, made our Team Members feel comfortable, kept the event fun while respectful and confidential. Coaching sessions were very valuable to our Team Members and many of them have taken healthier actions as a result of the event.

Health Designs, has exceeded our expectations, particularly in the personal coaching portion of our wellness program. Employees have met with the same coach since the first day and have formed an important, trusting relationship to help employees determine their goals and achieve results.

Acosta invests in our associates well beyond just a paycheck. Health Designs’ individual wellness coaching is extremely helpful in motivating our associates and encouraging them to achieve their personal goals. And, we have realized tangible cost savings as a result of this commitment to our people’s health and well-being. By continuing our partnership with Health Designs, we can look forward to even more innovative, tailored programs to meet our evolving needs.

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