At Health Designs, wellness isn’t just our day job; it’s our dream job – and no one does it better.

About Us

Founded in 1995, Health Designs pioneered many of the processes now considered the gold standard in the workplace wellness industry. Our award-winning team puts our proprietary strategies and programs to work for diverse employers in every major sector of the economy.

At Health Designs, we understand that people are at the heart of a company’s success. Health Designs works with hundreds of companies nationwide and tens of thousands of employees every year. We introduce them to health and wellness concepts and provide personal, one-on-one coaching to increase employee engagement and help all employees achieve their personal wellness goals. We democratize wellness, offering the same high-quality programs to everyone from executives to administrative staff.
Health Designs has been recognized for three consecutive years by Florida Trend Magazine as one of Florida’s best companies to work for. We also have been honored by the U.S. Small Business Administration, the Edward Lowe Foundation, the Jacksonville Chamber of Commerce, National Best and Brightest, the Jacksonville Business Journal and the First Coast Worksite Wellness Council.

Health Designs has the most highly credentialed wellness team in the industry. Our services include our HDwell platform, well-being coaching, biometric screenings, wellness assessments, onsite and virtual workshops and webinars,  incentive reporting, and data analytics, all tailored to meet individual needs. We provide participants with in-person and telephonic coaching that increases engagement and determines the best steps to support them in achieving their wellness goals. Clients often see risk reduction and positive outcomes as early as the first year of the program.

Our longstanding client relationships, high level of referrals, and near daily feedback from employees who have benefited from our wellness programs is a testament to our program’s success. 

Our Core Values

Core Values are integral to our identity, guiding us in every endeavor to ensure we operate with integrity,

 passion, and a commitment to excellence. By embodying these principles, we foster a culture of trust, collaboration

and innovation that drives our mission to make a positive impact for our clients and the community. 

Do the right thing

Live our passion for health and well-being

Give whole-hearted service

Welcome challenges and trust the opportunities

Grow through creativity and learning

Build collaborative teams and a family spirit

Make it simple

Respect our world and use resources mindfully



Our customers speak for themselves. Discover the transformative experiences they’ve had with Health Designs through our heartfelt testimonials. Hear their stories and see the impact we’ve made on their well-being.

Most impressive is that they have managed to succeed at the hard part… the piece of wellness that most shy away from – individual behavior change. Time after time they have demonstrated results through their unique one on one coaching strategy. They get sticky with their clients because they care, and it shows in the loyalty they breed with all of their partners.”

Michaela Stone


Having support from a Health Designs Coach at work has brought a lot of value for me. Meeting with my coach, even telephonically, has been beneficial for ideas, accountability, and motivation to continue on in my journey to reach my big health goals. So far I’ve lost 110lbs and that accomplishment has given me the confidence to believe that I can keep my healthy weight and habits long term

Jared Vasquez

I just wanted to thank the entire Health Designs team for the support and our partnership for the past several years. It is so nice to have a partner that helps ease our work burden by the support you provide. Also, the consistent follow up on open items helps ensure things are taken care of in a timely efficient manner. We have a small benefits team, and having this support from a partner is so refreshing.

Anthony Smith