Why Leaders Need Clarity to Be Successful

Why Leaders Need Clarity

2020’s uncertain and turbulent times has shown us that if there’s one element to utilize as a leader, it’s clarity. Personal clarity is essential for job satisfaction and sense of purpose, and organizational clarity is absolutely necessary for optimal engagement, productivity and success.  As stated by SHRM, your responsibility as a leader is to be a visionary. Someone who can turn smart ideas into action with a sound strategy and has transparent, data-rich decision-making coupled with resolute authenticity. This all requires clarity.

SHRM further explains that clarity and decisiveness are inseparable from strategic ability. They are also the pillars of any organization’s success as well as your own personal leadership achievements. Mary Barra, CEO and chairman of General Motors, understands the importance of clarify well. Navigating the ever-changing automotive world taught her that every leader needs to fully invest and be willing to stick to a strategy, acting with decisiveness and clarity along the way.

How to Sharpen Your Clarity

As outlined in a recent SHRM article, here are some ways you can sharpen your clarity:

  • Do an Assessment: Whether it be personally, professionally or organizationally, the first step to do an assessment of where you are and where you want to be.
  • Take a Look at Your Transparency: Strategic, decisive leaders are also transparent. Make sure you aren’t hiding behind excuses and are being transparent with both yourself and those around you. Be open with the plan, hurdles, mistakes and changes.
  • Focus in On Your Strategy: “Focused foresight” should be your goal. It allows you to be able to take in new information while always putting things into perspective and keeping the strategy your priority.
  • Prevent Burnout: Be careful to not overload yourself. Carve out time in your calendar that permits you to process, think and recover. Your strategy and decision-making ability depend on it.
  • Be Decisive: While it is of critical importance to arm yourself with data and evidence before making a decision, be mindful how much time you are taking. Trust in your ability and remember that decisiveness and clarity go hand in hand!

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