Ways to Stay Fit and Active While Social Distancing

Social Distancing

As the coronavirus pandemic continues, gyms have been closed and workout classes have been canceled. Many people are now wondering how they can keep up their fit and healthy lifestyle while social distancing.

The good news is, there are plenty of ways to stay active during this pandemic. You’ll also be happy to hear that while all the latest headlines are reading “stay at home,” you don’t actually need to stay cooped up inside. In fact, doctors are recommending you spend some time in nature as long as you can follow the social distancing requirements. Not only is being outside a good way to stay fit, but it also reduces your stress levels, makes you feel a sense of reconnection and solace, and even boosts your immune system.  Listed below are all the ways you can get your body moving, both indoors and out!

Ways to Stay Active

Outside Activities

  • Take a walk, run, or bike around the neighborhood if you live in a less dense area.
  • Visit your nearest park and go for a walk, run, or bike ride.
  • Many national parks have remained opened (with some changes) and are a great place to go for a hike.
  • Take a walk on the beach or go for a swim. (Make sure the beach you are considering going to is still open first.)
  • Spend some time doing yard work or gardening.
  • You can even do a body weight work out in your yard or on the porch.

Inside Activities 

  • There are many free online workouts to choose from! If you can make some room in front of the television or your laptop, then you’ve got a workout space! A quick YouTube search will bring up just about any type of yoga, HIIT, or body weight workout you can follow along with.
  • Online subscriptions are also available for workout routines. Many of these subscriptions are free, low cost, or come with a free trail, such as Beach Body and Tone It Up. Peloton is now offering a 90-day free trial of its subscription app in response to the coronavirus pandemic, and it includes more than just bike or treadmill workouts. It includes yoga, strength training, and more. Click here for even more options!
  • If committing to a certain exercise routine feels overwhelming right now, you can start small. Try setting a reminder to stand up and move every hour on your Fitbit, watch, or phone. If you are watching TV, aim to do sit-ups and push-ups during a commercial break.You can also clean the house, organize, or really anything to get you moving!

No matter which way you choose to stay active during this time, it is important that you follow the social distancing guidelines and remain 6 feet away from others outside your household and avoid gatherings of more than 10 people.

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