Gallup Insights: The COVID-19 Pandemic and Well-Being

What is Well-Being?

In a recent Gallup Called to Coach Webcast episode, Ryan Wolf, a Physical Well-being Lead at Gallup, Mohamed Younis, Gallup Editor in Chief, and Jim Collison, producer of Gallup webcasts, got together to discuss the true meaning of well-being and how it was impacted by COVID-19.

As explained by Wolf, Younis and Collison, many people think about well-being the wrong way. Contrary to popular belief, well-being isn’t just about being happy, wealthy or successful. It is not limited to just physical health and wellness, either. In fact, focusing on any of these elements in isolation may actually lead to frustration and even a sense of failure on one’s well-being journey.

During the webcast, they cite the book, Well-being: The Five Essential Elements, when they state that Gallup researchers recently completed a comprehensive study of people in more than 150 countries. The research revealed five universal, interconnected elements that shape holistic well-being: Career Well-being, Social Well-being, Financial Well-being, Physical Well-being, and Community Well-being. Visualize these as the five main pillars with emotional and spiritual well-being arching over them. These two elements are achieved when the five pillars are fulfilled.

This explanation of the dimensions is incredibly helpful to both individuals focusing on their own well-being journey as well as employers working to design a successful wellness program because they show the true complexity of holistic well-being.

What COVID-19 Taught Us

The COVID-19 pandemic posed challenges and trials for everyone and their well-being. Researchers working with Gallup discovered that those who have been working to individually achieve holistic well-being or whose workplace supported holistic well-being, have faired well during the pandemic. This is because holistic well-being builds resilience, and resilience of the human mind has proven, at least through Gallup research, that the negative experiences don’t bring us down as much as the positive experiences boost us up.

In summary, the stress, anxiety and unknowns that the COVID-19 pandemic created are still felt and acknowledged by everyone. However, those who have achieved or are working towards holistic well-being are able to maintain hope and a positive outlook for the future. This, in turn, preserved their well-being.

To learn more about the five pillars of holistic well-being, check out Wellbeing: The Five Essential Elements or  Season 9, Episode 42 of Gallup Called to Coach Webcast Series. For more information on incorporating a holistic wellness program, contact us today!

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