5 Positive Health Trends to Try in 2021

New Health Trends and Fads

Every year, we see new health trends and fads arise that gain popularity. However, not all trends and fads are created equal, and so many can end up doing more harm than good.

After 2020, the importance of our overall health and wellbeing has become unprecedentedly clear and as a result, we are seeing more positive health trends emerge in 2021. We’ve listed our 5 favorites below!

5 Health Trends to Try

1. Digital Detoxes

2020 was unfortunately filled with a lot of negative energy that carried over into social media, the news, and TV. We individually have the power to decide what we take in and we can set boundaries around our digital consumption, which is likely to be a growing trend as we continue into 2021. A digital detox can be an entire month, a week, weekend, or even just a day. To learn more about digital detoxes and digital mindfulness, check out our previous article here!

2. Community-Care

Self-care was a big topic in 2019 and 2020, but this year we will most likely see a transition to “community-care.” Stephanie Harrison, founder and CEO of  The New Happy explains that the pandemic exposed many of the systemic inequalities and flaws in our society, but it’s also led to a growing awareness that helping others is one of greatest pathways to happiness. This year, as soon as it’s safe to do so, more people will be prioritizing giving back, donating their time and skills, and using their power to address systemic issues that are present in their own lives, workplaces, and communities. This will in turn, result in greater health and happiness for everyone involved.

3. Flexible Goal Setting

Our perspective on goals has changed due to the pandemic and we’ve realized it’s important to remain open and flexible. We’ve also learned that large goals can be overwhelming and often lead to imbalance and even burnout. This year, realistic goal setting and micro-goals will become more popular and will most likely have a very positive effect on health and wellbeing.

4. Walk and Talk Therapy

Since the onset of the pandemic, many therapists have stopped seeing clients in the office due to safety concerns and are doing teletherapy as a safer alternative. While teletherapy will continue to be popular in 2021, so will walk and talk therapy. Tracy Nathanson, psychotherapist and founder of Pace of Mind Therapy, explains that she’s been doing walk and talk sessions nature trails, roads, and beaches, and predicts these “eco-therapy” session will become more popular this year.

5. Stress Monitoring and Management

Wearables have made big strides in monitoring how stressed we are, and the likes of Garmin, Apple and Fitbit are all making efforts to help. Stress detection and coping techniques such as stress scores, guided breathing and mindfulness exercises are becoming more popular on wearable devices of all types. This will make taking care of our mental health more manageable in 2021!

To learn more, check out this Forbes article!

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