Why On-Site Health Coaching Makes a Difference

“Healthy” Can Be Confusing

More and more companies are incorporating wellness programs that encourage healthy behaviors and offer incentives for making smart food choices, working out regularly and attending health screenings. However, their employees are still confused about whether or not they are making the best choices to improve their overall health. According to the International Food Information Council Foundation’s annual Food and Health Survey, 80% of Americans report that there is too much conflicting information about which foods to eat and what to avoid. This web of information leads 60% of millennials and 45% of adults to question their eating habits.

Education and Health Coaching

Health Designs’ highly-credentialed health professionals create a program based around awareness and accountability. We include engaging wellness workshops and face-to-face health coaching so that participants learn about relevant health topics and are supported with one-on-one guidance for goal setting and lifestyle improvements. Receiving accurate information from qualified professionals takes away the confusion and inspires behavior change!

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“Health Designs has exceeded our expectations, particularly in the personal coaching portion of our wellness program. Employees have met with the same coach since the first day and have formed an important, trusting relationship to help employees determine their goals and achieve results.”
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