What Generation Z is Looking for in a Health Plan

Generation Z

Awhile back we published the article, “The Big Six: Appeal To How Millennials Want to Work and Live.” Millennials were very different than other generations and had more unique requirements for their perfect job, such as wellness programs, a positive culture, and work that had meaning to them. Following close behind them is Generation Z, who has just begun to enter the workforce. Similar to millennials, Generation Z puts a big emphasis on their health and well-being and are very concerned about having the right health plan through their employer.

What Generation Z is Looking for in a Health Plan

Before gearing up for Generation Z and creating the perfect health plan to market to them, here are some tips from The Benefits Guide on what exactly they are looking for.

  1. This SHRM study shows, that like millennials, Generation Z tends to be more interested in healthy eating and preventive wellness than other generations. This means they are likely looking for a health program that includes benefits like counseling, screenings and vaccinations to maintain their health.
  2. According to Jean M. Twenge, a professor of psychology at San Diego State University and the author of Generation Me and iGen, Generation Z is prone to anxiety, depression and other mental health concerns. Twenge’s research links this to the constant use of technology and social media. That being said, access to mental health care benefits will be an important part of this generation’s health care plan.
  3. On a more uplifting note, SmartBrief notes that Gen Zers view exercise as a necessary component of a healthy lifestyle and a great way to relieve stress. This will certainly help lower their risk for health complications down the road. Due to their higher activity levels, Generation Z is attracted to health programs that offer services like chiropractic adjustment or physiotherapy to aid in any injuries or soreness.
  4. Note that, just like millennials, Generation Z will want customized care based on their individual daily health needs. Most importantly, they are going to want to participate in health and wellness programs and not just use medical services when they find themselves sick.

For more information or for tips on how to marketing health programs to Generation Z, visit The Benefits Guide!

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