The Big Six: Appeal to How Millennials Want to Work and Live


People often wonder if millennials are really that different from other generations. According to this Gallup report, they are profoundly different. Defined by their lack of attachment to institutions and traditions, millennials are altering the very social fabric of America and the world. They want something very specific in their job, and aren’t afraid to keep changing jobs until they find the right fit. In order to appeal to millennials, Gallup recommends making these “Big Six” functional changes.

The Big Six

  1. Compensation is important, but it’s no longer the driver. For millennials, work must have meaning. They want to work for organizations with a mission and purpose, so your organization’s culture must reflect that.
  2. Millennials are not pursuing job satisfaction, they are pursuing development. Giving out toys and entitlements is a leadership mistake with this generation. They want a place where they can grow and better themselves.
  3. The role of an old-style boss is command and control, but millennials are looking for a coach. They care about having managers who value them as both people and employees, and who help them understand and build their strengths.
  4. The way millennials communicate is now real-time and continuous. This dramatically affects the workplace because they are accustomed to constant communication and feedback. Annual reviews no longer work.
  5. Millennials don’t want to fix their weaknesses, they want to develop their strengths. Organizations shouldn’t ignore weaknesses. Rather, transition to strengths-based cultures in order to attract and keep their stars.
  6. More so than ever in the history of corporate culture, employees are asking, “Does this organization value my strengths and my contribution? Does this organization give me the chance to do what I do best every day?” Your organization should allow millennials to answer yes to these questions because a job is no longer just a job, it’s their life as well.


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