5 of the Biggest Wellness Program Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

Wellness Program mistakes are often small and overlooked, but a quick change can make all the difference and ensure your organization reaps all the benefits

Offering a Wellness Program

When done correctly, wellness programs go so much further than just promoting physical health. They nurture the vibrancy and growth of individuals within your organization and support them in all seven areas of well-being; mental, physical, social, financial, spiritual, environmental, and occupational. Well executed wellness programs also provide numerous benefits for both employees and the employer including:

  • Improved employee health behaviors
  • Improved engagement and productivity
  • Improved teamwork and morale
  • Improved ability to attract and retain top talent
  • Reduced healthcare costs

Wellness Program Mistakes

While the benefits of a wellness program are undeniably amazing, many employers report not experiencing them. That is why we want to talk about the most common wellness program mistakes and how to prevent them! These mistakes are often small and overlooked, but a quick change can make all the difference and ensure your organization reaps all the benefits of a well-run wellness program!

  1. One of the biggest mistakes you can make when implementing a wellness program is to base the program off of what you think employees need or want. We also recommend conducting an employee needs and interest survey before you begin so you are more in-tune with your employees.
  2. Another common flaw in wellness programs is to make them “one size fits all.” Every single employee is in a different stage of life and will have unique needs. Offering a wellness program that is both customizable and personalized is one of the best ways to ensure participation and engagement.
  3. When it comes to a successful wellness program, think variety. Only offering one type of health benefit, one type of communication style, one type of learning resource will limit your programs reach. Creating a culture of well-being and infusing it into every aspect of your workplace will ensure the message is clear.
  4. In a previous blog post, we discussed whether or not incentives work. The short answer is YES! Incentives can greatly benefit your wellness program and we encourage them. Check out our blog to learn the best types of incentives and how to properly implement them.
  5. Wellness programs are not just for employees, they are for the entire organization. To truly be successful, your program needs support and involvement from leadership. Leading by example may sound cliche, but it couldn’t be more important!

Keeping these five common mistakes in mind, now it is time to create your wellness program! Click here to learn what makes a wellness program successful and how to get started. If you would like more information, please call 904-285-2019 or use our contact form to set up a consult at your convenience.


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