Wellness Is Among the Top Trends that are Reshaping Workplaces

Reshaping the Workplace

According to these Glassdoor insights, a focus on wellness is one of the top trends reshaping workplaces in 2017. More and more employers are realizing that employee health affects morale, productivity and the overall success of the organization. It is becoming expected for organizations to have some sort of wellness initiative and the quality of wellness programs play a major role in attracting top talent.

Workplace Wellness in 2017

Wellness programs have survived past just being a “fad,” and are now reshaping the workplace for a variety of reasons:

  1. Integrated with technology- Wellness programs advance with technology and are able to keep employees engaged. Software platforms, wearables, and other data sources provide excellent ways to track progress and deliver insights about what encourages employees to stay healthy.
  2. Customization- Every organization has employees with different needs and goals, which is why no wellness program is exactly the same. Organizations have the ability to create personalized programs that are effective for their employees and provide a holistic approach to wellness.
  3. Financial Well-Being– Dealing with financial stress causes anxiety, makes it difficult to focus and can even take a physical toll on employees. As a result, wellness programs have expanded to address the importance of financial well-being. Programs now aim to educate on behaviors like saving and budgeting, and improve attitudes, knowledge, and even confidence surrounding finances.

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