Turn Your Employee Engagement Survey Results Into Action

Why Taking Action is Important

It has been proven that employee engagement is good for your organization. Conducting an employee engagement survey is a great first step to addressing employee engagement and discovering what your employees are thinking. However, even if feedback was positive and you had high survey participation, it is still important to take action. Taking action shows employees that you are listening to them and that you are open to new ideas. It also builds trust between employees and their employer, and it will improve overall employee engagement. When employees feel their feedback is properly reviewed and acted upon, then they will continue to offer feedback.

How to Take Action

Sometimes “taking action” can be confused with saying yes to every idea suggested on the survey. To clear up the process, here are three steps from HR Bartender on how to take action on your employee engagement survey:

  1. Digest the Information: Take time to review and fully digest the results of the survey before acting on them. Don’t rush to conclusions after one review.  Readex CEO Jack Semler recommends reviewing the results two or three times to gain full clarity.
  2. Communicate the Results: After processing the results, share them with key executives first, before sharing with the entire workforce. When presenting the results to all the employees, remember to make it stand out. It shouldn’t be done at a routine weekly meeting. Consider something more unique to keep employees engaged and interested, and always encourage questions.
  3. Make Decisions Based on the Results: After reviewing and discussing results with all employees, it is time to make changes. Consider what ideas can be implemented right away and which ideas needs some more research. It is also important to figure out which ideas are simply not going to work for the organization. Be sure to communicate with employees the timelines and reasoning behind the decisions to ensure future feedback.

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