Trick-or-Treating Alternatives to Consider

Halloween 2020

Unfortunately, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recently released guidance on Halloween, warning that Trick-or-Treating and other traditional Halloween activities are high-risk. Considering that COVID-19 cases are predicted to increase during autumn, many parents are wondering what activities are safe for their families this Halloween.

To help ensure your family, especially your children, have a fun and safe Halloween, we’ve created a list of alternatives to consider this year.

Safer Alternatives to Trick-or-Treating

  1. Neighborhood Scavenger Hunt: Organize a scavenger hunt for your children where you create a checklist of Halloween-themed items they need to spot or find around the neighborhood. Each time they check something off the list, they earn candy from you as a reward.
  1. Drive Thru Trick or Treating: You can look for a public event or coordinate your own drive thru with your neighbors. Families can dress up and even decorate their car! Everyone stays inside their vehicles, and those who are handing out candy need to take extra safety precautions as they hand out candy, such as wearing a mask and/gloves, washing hands and/or sanitizing often, and perhaps even getting a COVID test prior to the event.
  1. Outdoor Halloween Movie Night: Set up a projector, dress up and play your family’s favorite Halloween movie! Invite friends and/or other family members to join as long as each household sets up their blanket or chairs 6 feet away from other households.
  1. Family Night In: Plan a Halloween night in with the family. You can dress up, make or bake healthy Halloween treatstogether, and put on a Halloween movie. You can even get creative and join a virtual costume contest or make haunted gingerbread houses.
  1. Carving Pumpkins: Carve pumpkins with your family and post pictures on social media, asking friends and family to vote for the best one. Or, coordinate with your neighbors and have everyone set their carved pumpkins out for display and take a walk with your family to view them.

To learn more about preventing COVID-19 and for additional alternatives for Halloween this year, visit the CDC.

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