Three Key Drivers of Employee Engagement in 2017

Engaging Employees

Employee engagement plays a critical role in customer satisfaction, increasing the bottom line and the overall success of business outcomes. However, in with a constantly changing workplace, it is difficult to know how to keep employees engaged. Arthur J. & Gallagher’s 2017 Capital Insights Report not only explains how employers can build and sustain a highly engaged workforce, but it also lists the top drivers of employee engagement for 2017.

Top 3 Drivers of Employee Engagement

  1. Strong senior leadership- Engagement is higher when employees feel their leaders are transparent and actively participating with them.
  2. Career Development- Employees are not exclusively seeking a promotion. They are searching for a position where they have the ability to use their skills on the job, learn new skills and improve their business knowledge.
  3. Fair compensation- The research in this report shows that employees engagement is higher in a workplace environment that fosters professional development and fair compensation.

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