The Best Tips for Managing Holiday Stress

Holiday Stress

The holiday season is a joyous time of year that many people look forward too. Many people look forward to getting a few days off work to spend quality time with loved ones or to take a winter vacation. However, research done by Greenberg Quinlan Rosner shows that stress levels increase for both men and women over the holidays as they try to make the time as special as possible for their families. According to the study, the main causes of holiday stress include: lack of time, money/increased credit card debt, the pressure of gifts, family gatherings, travel and maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

Tips for Managing Holiday Stress

  1. To help prevent stress over money, plan ahead, review your finances, and come up with a realistic budget for gifts. Try talking to friends and family members about a gift price limit to prevent the pressure of buying an expensive gift. Or get creative and give a meaningful gift that doesn’t have a price tag.
  2. Be sure to get plenty of exercise. Exercise is a great stress reliever and it will help prepare you to handle any daily stressors more effectively. Visit our previous post for tips on incorporating exercise into a busy holiday schedule!
  3. Remember to keep it simple. The main purpose of the holidays is to enjoy family. You do not have to make everything over the top or perfect. You also don’t need to put all the responsibilities on yourself. Split up the chores and meals among family members, it will also give you more time to spend with family.
  4. Set aside time for yourself to relax. This is very important for your mental health. Take a bath, read a few chapters in your book or take a run to clear your mind,
  5. Agree to disagree with family members. Getting a large group of family members together will likely result in clashing personalities. Don’t let every remark get under your skin or argue your point of view. This will only cause you to be miserable and stressed the entire time. Take everything with a grain of salt and just enjoy your time together.

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