How to Feel Your Best this Thanksgiving

A Healthy Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is meant to give thanks, enjoy time with family and eat amazing food. After a few days of overindulging, skipping exercise and staying indoors, many of us can feel the side effects. However, this is not necessary. There is a way enjoy family time and all your Thanksgiving favorites while still feeling your best.

Make Time for Fitness

You don’t have to leave the family and go spend an hour at the gym to stay fit this Thanksgiving. The best way to include fitness in your day is to get outside! Grab a family member, or several, and go for a morning jog before watching the Macy’s Day Parade. Or get the the whole family outside and play a game of flag football or soccer. Some other great ways to stay active include:

  • A quick workout circuit at home before daily festivities start.
  • Splitting up the chores between family members. Having everyone up and moving while tidying the living room or doing the dishes can burn more calories than you think.
  • Do a family Turkey Trot! Nothing brings the family closer together and encourages activity than running in a local race. They can range from a one mile race to a 10k, so they are great for all activity levels!

Overall Health Tips

In order to fully enjoy all Thanksgiving has to offer, it is important to be mindful of your health:

  • Don’t skip breakfast. This messes with your metabolism and causes overeating later, which usually results in an energy crash.
    • Hydrate! With all the fun holiday drinks, many people forget to drink enough water. Go easy on the alcohol and drink plenty of water. This will help fight fatigue and grogginess and give you the energy you need to enjoy the festivities.
  • Moderation is important. Don’t deny yourself dessert and cause yourself unnecessary stress. Instead, use a smaller plate when eating your Thanksgiving meal and give yourself time to see if you are still hungry before going for seconds. Then, stick to one piece of your favorite pie, or try small pieces of several desserts instead several large servings.
  • Remember to breathe and relax. Don’t set unrealistic expectations for yourself and take deep breathes when you feel overwhelmed. Enjoy the holiday and family time without trying to make everything perfect!

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