The 3 Keys to a High Performing Culture

3 Keys to a High Performing Culture

The 3 keys to a high performing culture are the organization’s culture itself, the organization’s purpose and their engaged employees. You can’t have one and not the other. All three ingredients are needed for the organization to be successful. Dan Pontefractis, author of The Purpose Effect & Flat Army, explained it best. He stated “When an organization operates with an open culture while demonstrating a higher purpose as it carries out its mission, the sweetness that results is an engaged employee base that in turn delights customers.” In order to create a high performing culture within your organization, it is important to really understand each component.


Your organization’s culture refers to how your organization operates, This means how your leaders function with one another, external suppliers/partners as well as its customers. All desired behaviors and actions within the organization start with your leaders.


Your organization’s purpose is what your organization stands for. Human beings are driven by purpose, so the true purpose of your organization needs to be communicated with employees, customers, partners, and community members. This should be something other than profit or power to prevent employees and the community from becoming dissatisfied.


The engagement of your employees depends on how their feel about your organization’s culture and purpose. Your employees become engaged when they are working for an organization with a communicative, collaborative and trustworthy culture, as well as a meaningful purpose.

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