Smarter, More Engaging Wellness Programs in 2017

Feedback from 2016

Fidelity and the National Business Group on Health (NBGH) found that in 2016, 87% of employers offered emotional or mental well-being programs while 76% provided financial health programs, and their investments are paying off! This past year, 77% of organizations said their wellness program has been effective in improving health outcomes and reducing healthcare costs.

Looking Ahead for 2017

As wellness efforts grow, employers are looking for new ways to create smarter and more engaging strategies to encourage individuals to take charge of their health and wellness. Research has found that employee engagement and well-being go hand in hand for producing great performance and strong workplaces. A great way to engage and motivate a workforce is to provide wearable activity trackers!

The Benefits of Wearable Technology

Integrating wearable technology into a comprehensive workplace health strategy arms employers with meaningful insights to measure, evaluate and adjust their programs. ABI research found that corporate wellness programs that use wearable technology may increase average employee participation from 20% to between 60% and 70%, with some employers reporting participation rates above 90%. This increased participation and engagement is leading to better results!

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