Outdoor Workouts to Try This Spring

Spring is Here!

The cold, gloomy days are over and spring is here! The sun is out and it is finally warm enough to enjoy the outdoors. While working out and being active has numerous health benefits on its own, researchers at Glasgow University found that working out in nature had a 50% greater positive impact on mental health than indoor workouts. Below are some tips on how to make the outdoors your own personal gym this spring!

Outdoor Workouts

  • Pick a sport. You don’t have to become a professional athlete to benefit from playing sports. You can join an intramural team or just get some friends together for a little healthy competition. Anything that gets you outside and your heart rate up will work!
  • Go swimming. Whether it’s at your local pool or the beach, swimming is a total body workout making it a very heart-healthy activity.
  • Tend to your garden. Gardening is a classic, and often overlooked, springtime workout. Pulling weeds, hauling away winter waste, and mowing the lawn all counts as exercise!
  • Go for a bike ride. Biking is a perfect outdoor activity for all skill levels because you have the freedom to pick the difficulty of your route.
  • Visit some of your local hiking trails. According to Harvard Health, hiking is a natural stress reliever and a great cardiovascular workout. You will be having so much fun exploring and taking in the sights, that you won’t even realize it’s a workout. Just remember to wear appropriate hiking shoes and stay hydrated!
  • Play with your kids! Take your kids to the park or play tag in the backyard. The best exercise happens when you are having fun and making memories.

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