Make Your Organization’s Values Come to Life

The Power of Integrated Values

Strong, shared values between an organization and its employees creates a successful, engaged workforce with a positive culture and trusting relationships. The power of having an organization with integrated values is that someone can observe one person within the organization and understand the entire organization’s way of doing business. There is a consistency within all behaviors because everyone believes in the same organizational values. The first step in achieving integrated values is, of course, creating a values statement. From there, though, it all depends on your leadership strategy.

Creating a Leadership Strategy

  1. Have Leaders Demonstrate Behaviors First: Before communicating which values you want your employees to embrace, start by having leaders understand how their behavior is received and what they can do to encourage inclusion from team members.
  2. Tie Values to Business Goals:Explain how your values are not only the right thing to do, but how they are also crucial to business success. This associates more meaning and purpose to the work.
  3. Show Values in Action: Communicate real life stories from yourself and team members on how these values have not only benefited their work life, but also their home life.
  4. Create Value Linkage: The main responsibility of leaders is to create linkage between the organization and employees. The best way to do this is to have employees communicate their own personal values and how they relate to the organization.

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