Leadership: Creating Leaders, Not Just Followers

Good Leadership vs Great Leadership

Leadership plays an important role in any organization’s success. However, there is a big difference in having good leadership and having great leadership. Most leaders aspire to be good leaders who motivate people to do as their told and inspire them to be positive about their work. With this strategy, though, they are essentially just leading their followers. To have a truly enduring and successful company, leaders must build a culture that focuses on creating leaders, not just followers.

How to Focus on Creating Leaders

You can build a culture that creates more leaders with several steps. The first step is making sure every leader within the organization, meaning both company executives and managers, are on board with training employees to think and act like leaders in their current roles. All employees should be trained as if they will one day be the future corporate executive. The second step is to not just give employees to-do-lists or tell them what to do everyday. Sit down and go over their responsibilities and create their metrics of success with them. This will empower them to be in charge their responsibilities and make good decisions. The third step is to remember that creating leaders takes time. The entire organization must be committed to investing time and energy into all employees. Give them space to make their own mistakes and give constructive feedback. Also, remember to actively recognize and reward leadership behavior to encourage employees to continue on their path to becoming a great leader.

Jeff Mask, VP of Business Development at Infusionsoft, explains that his company lives this culture of leadership development and frequently promotes new leaders with this strategy. His number one tip is to “view your employees not as who they are in their current job titles, but as who they can be with your leadership training and development.” Click here to read his full article!

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