Improve Employee Productivity and Engagement

Holiday Distractions

Low productivity and lack of engagement at work is a natural response to all holiday distractions and seasonal pressures that employees are facing. On top of family commitments and financial stressors, employees have also been dealing with all the emotions and uncertainty triggered by the pandemic. While it might be frustrating, from an employer standpoint, it is important to have compassion and empathy, and acknowledge that the holidays can be an emotional and overwhelming season.

Planning ahead for next year, it is a good idea to communicate the goals that need to be met during Q4 early. In addition, employers can increase workloads periodically throughout the year to allow for more free time in December. This time can then be used to reflect as a team on the successes and challenges of the year and brainstorm ideas for the upcoming year. Both of these suggestions will help end your years on a high note! For the last couple of weeks in December this year, check out the tips below from Forbes and Business News Daily to help you improve employee productivity and engagement!

Tips to Improve Productivity and Engagement

  • Promote Health and Well-Being: Employees experience greater levels of physical and emotional stress during the holidays, so one of the most important things you can do is promote their health and well-being. Schedule in office workout classes, meditation sessions, or even hire a professional to offer in-office chair massages. Health Designs offers a variety of solutions , including webinars and workshops, to help both your in-office and remote employees focus on their health. Contact us today to learn more!
  • Communicate: Make sure to communicate and keep all employees informed on goal progress so that everyone is on the same page. In addition, clearly communicate incentives to go along with the achieved goals, such as extra vacation days, gift cards, etc. This way, employees have goals to focus on and are encouraged to keep their eye on the prize.
  • Celebrate Successes: This can be as simple as using positive reinforcement, such as thank-you cards, phone calls or a congratulatory email when you see an employee performing well. For larger accomplishments, consider treating the whole team to lunch, dinner or an experience.
  • Rally Team Members: End the year with the completion of a big project or milestone. Make it something that the team can rally around and feel motivated to achieve. It helps if it’s a project that’s going to make your company be more competitive in the following year!
  • Give Back: Set aside time for organization wide volunteer work and give back to your community. Whether it is volunteering at a charity as a team, hosting a toy drive, or adopting families for gift giving, helping others is proven to cultivate gratitude and well-being for all of those involved. It is also a great way to promote team-building and help put the holidays into perspective for both you and your employees!
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