Improve Employee Engagement Through a Customized HR Portal

Customized HR Portal

Just like receiving a personalized Christmas gift, having a customized Human Resources portal for employees sends a powerful message. According to Willis Tower Watson, a customized portal shows employees that they are important and that you care about them as individuals. It does take a creative design and a little more effort, but it is a great way to build a growing connection with employees. This connection has an incredible effect on employee engagement and morale, and it can even enhance the effectiveness of your HR function.

Tips to Consider

  1. Personalized experience: For existing employees, consider customizing their experience based on employment status, location and preferred language. Part-time and full-time employees will see different information on their dashboard, such as 401(K) contribution percent, benefit election information or paid time off balance. They will also see news and events based on their location and the option to change the text language.
  2. Welcome new hires: Consider having a personalized “welcome” and note with important first day information for new hires when they login to the portal. This could include anything from a contact list for the organization, useful materials for the position and startup checklists.
  3. Include managers: Managers should also receive a customized experience. Their portal could include instructions on tasks or job responsibilities, links to how-to articles and documents, as well as upcoming changes and announcements. This will not only help keep managers informed, but it will also help them feel more to connected to the overall mission of the organization.

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