How to Truly Inspire Behavior Change

Behavior Change

In the recent WELCOA article, “Navigating the Complex Waters of Human Behavior Change,” Rosie Ward PHD, MPH, MCHES, BCC, brought up some very interesting points. She explains that all too often we treat adaptive challenges, which are challenges that require engaging the heart and mind and have no known solution, like they are technical problems, which are challenges that have known solutions.  The truth is when it comes to wellbeing and workplace culture, many of the challenges employers and employees face are 100% adaptive. The only way to navigate challenges like these and achieve results is by shifting the mindset.

The Human Mindset

Ward continues in her article and explains that the human mindset is typically hardwired to avoid discomfort. Both navigating through adaptive challenges and attempting behavior change creates discomfort, so the normal response is to avoid these situations if possible. As you often see, the result can be very emotional and complex. However, when provided with the right tools and encouragement, behavior change for oneself becomes easier, as does helping others navigate through their own adaptive challenges.

Workplace Wellbeing

When it comes to health and wellbeing in the workplace, truly inspiring behavior change requires three things: strong leadership, a supportive culture, and wellbeing coaches.

  • Strong Leadership: True behavior change can’t be forced, only inspired. According to Inc., strong leaders are courageous in that they lead by example. Many of the changes you want and hope to see in your employees must first be adopted by you. When you are fully committed to. heathy lifestyle and make it a priority, that inspires your employees. You are also a first hand example of the benefits employees will see when they push themselves to navigate through adaptive challenges and commit to behavior change themselves.
  • Supportive Culture: Inspiring behavior change requires a culture that is fully supportive of that change. Workplace cultures should be built on trust because in order to change a behavior, employees need to feel like they can be their authentic selves. When employees can turn-off their self-protective mode, they are better able to adapt to challenges and explore new mindsets. The best way to do this is to be an authentic leader, celebrate progress, and make it clear that behavior change is a top priority.
  • Wellbeing Coaches: Research shows that simply asking the right questions can make a person evaluate their own behavior and see where change needs to occur. This is the exact job of wellbeing coaches. HD Core Coach allows individuals to discover what matters to them, what their personal health goals are, and what fosters their own motivation. From there, they receive support in attaining their health improvement goals. With our method of building accountability and providing feedback and encouragement, you will see results and sustained behavior change for your employees!

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