Health and Safety Tips for Holiday Travel

Traveling During the Holiday Season

The holiday season is officially in full swing, which for most people means a lot of upcoming travel plans. Thanksgiving and Christmas travel can be the busiest and sometimes the most stressful times to travel. That is why we created a list of the best tips to make sure you stay happy and safe during your holiday travels this year!

Health and Safety Tips

  • Get 7-8 hours of sleep every night. Adequate sleep is an essential part of a healthy lifestyle. It allows your body and mind to recover from a busy day and it also keeps your immune system strong. If you will be doing a lot of driving or traveling over the holiday season, then sleep is not only important for your health, but also your safety.
  • Drink plenty of water. Keep your water bottle with you and refill it as soon as it is empty. Staying hydrated will not only keep you from feeling fatigued, but it will help keep you alert and aware.
  • Exercise as much as possible. Throughout the day, be mindful of your activity levels. Talk a walk around the rest area when you stop for fuel or food on a road trip, walk through the airport between flights, take the stairs instead of the elevator whenever you can, and if possible, walk through the town instead of taking a taxi. No matter where you are staying, you can also start your mornings with a quick jog, do sit-ups and pushups in your room, or check out the hotel gym. This will boost your energy levels and keep you feeling your best, so you can enjoy the holiday festivities!
  • Stay aware of your surroundings and be prepared. Make sure friends and family are informed of your travel plans, pay attention to weather alerts and conditions, keep your devices charged, pack a first aid kit, and have a backup plan in case your current plan changes unexpectedly. Also, if you will be driving, make sure to have an emergency kit relevant to your location on hand.
  • Make smart food choices and remember the key word; “moderation.” Most accommodations will have healthy options, so aim to eat plenty of fruits and vegetables with your meals. Stick to water as much as possible and choose lean meats and whole grains when you can. This will help keep you from feeling sluggish and overly full. However, you are on vacation, so don’t completely deprive yourself! A good tip is to split entrees and desserts with friends or family members so you can still try local, popular dishes without over doing it.

We wish you a happy, healthy and safe holiday season!

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