HD Wellness Wonders: Improve Employee Engagement in Your Wellness Program

Corporate Wellness Programs

Wellness programs that are incorporated properly create a positive wellness culture, as well as a sense of community among employees. Wellness programs also allow employees to connect over their wellness goals, push each other in wellness challenges, and support each other on their wellness journeys. This not only improves their health, but also their work relationships. When you combine healthy employees and positive work relationships, you see increased employee engagement, improved job satisfaction, and enhanced office morale. Before any of this can happen, though, you must first learn to get employees more engaged and participating in your wellness program.

Engagement and Participation

According to the RAND Workplace Wellness Study, approximately half of U.S. employers offer wellness promotion initiatives, and larger employers are more likely to have more complex wellness programs. This study also confirmed that wellness programs reduce medical costs, absenteeism, and health-related productivity losses when the program has high participation levels. The key, though, is figuring out what exactly motivates employees to participate, which RAND explains can be the most difficult part. As part of our HD Wellness Wonders series this month, we are suggesting to take participation in your wellness program outside of the workplace!

Activities to Improve Engagement and Participation

  1. Intramural or Social Sports Teams: Most communities will have local intramural or social sport teams that would be a great way to get employees engaged with your wellness programs! Consider creating a company team and schedule practices and even compete in seasonal tournaments.
  2. Local Races and Competitions: Talk to your employees and see if they would be interested in entering and training for local races together. It could be anything from 1 mile walk/runs to marathons, or even bike races!
  3. Obstacle Courses: Obstacle courses, treelike treks, rock climbing gyms, and zip-lining tours are all great excuses to be social and active! These types of activities require walking, climbing, and crawling through all types of obstacles which is not only a great workout but also a fun team building experience.
  4. Escape Rooms: While this may not have been your first thought for a “wellness activity,” it actually is! These 1 hour puzzle games require you to disconnect from technology, work on your communication and social skills, and exercise your brain! All of which can help clear your mind, increase creativity, and enhance your ability to focus.

Stay tuned for next month’s HD Wellness Wonders Post!

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