Employee Wellness Month

Employee Wellness Month

June has come to an end and we wanted to take this opportunity to sum up what Employee Wellness Month is all about! Every June, Employee Wellness Month spotlights the important role organizations have in helping to create healthier, happier employees. The main goal of this month is to show how promoting wellness allows organizations to inspire more productive, engaged workforces and create magnetic company cultures that drive recruitment and retention.

Employee Wellness Month Topics

In support of this month, we have been covering important topics relating to employee wellness on our blog. Topics include stress management for employees, promoting mental health in the workplace, maintaining employee participation in wellness programs, and encouraging employees to exercise. If you missed any of these blog posts be sure to check them out!

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We would love to know if your organization participated in Employee Wellness Month! Do you have any employee wellness success stories or plans for creating a healthier workforce in the future? Comment below and let us know!

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