Why Organizations Should Invest in Stress Management

The Effects of Stress

When stress isn’t properly managed, it can have many negative effects. The American Institute of Stress lists the 50 different symptoms and side effects of stress, including: frequent headaches, neck and back pain, weakened immune system, insomnia, anxiety, depression, mood swings, and difficulty making decisions. All of these things impact employee health, as well as their home and work life. That means, if employee stress is left un-managed, it affects the entire organization. It is estimated that workplace stress costs U.S. employers $200 billion per year. This is due to absenteeism, low productivity, staff turnover, workers’ compensation, medical insurance and other stress-related expenses.

The Cause of Workplace Stress

Avoiding stress completely isn’t feasible, but if employees are stressed to the point of it affecting their overall health and work performance, then it is a good idea to find the source of their stress. WELCOA lists the main causes of workplace stress as:

  • Poor company culture
  • Long hours and excessive work loads
  • Worrying about job security
  • Poor management (both under and over managing)
  • Lack of communication
  • Company transparency
  • Workplace harassment

Invest in Stress Management

Here are several ways to start helping your employees manage their stress as listed by WELCOA:

  1. Address The Issue: If you know your employees are stressed, start looking into ways to fix it. Consider having a meeting and hearing everyone’s ideas on what can be done to improve stress in the workplace.
  2. Wellness Programs: Wellness programs are a great option because they are designed to change behaviors that lead to health problems, including stress. By offering a wellness program you are empowering your employees with the resources they need to manage their stress and improve their overall health.
  3. Training programs: Put stress management as a top initiative for your organization and offer training programs to equip leaders and individual employees on effective stress management strategies.

Working to create a low-stress work environment takes time and effort, but in the long run your employees will be happier, healthier, and more productive. Click here to learn more!

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