Employee Wellness is the Key to Successful Organizations

Wellness Defined

The Wellness Council of America, WELCOA, recently published the definition of wellness in order to help organizations truly understand how they are doing in terms of employee wellness. They define wellness as, “the active pursuit to understand and fulfill your individual human needs-which allows you to reach a state where you are flourishing and able to realize your full potential in all aspects of life.” This definition of wellness can be achieved through workplace wellness programs and wellness centered cultures.

How Wellness Leads to Success

The health of an organization is determined by the health of their employees. In Mercer’s report, “Employee Well-Being: A New Way to Define Organizational Success,” they break down the facts on healthy employees. They reference Gallup’s research, which states healthy, happy employees result in lower turnover rates and lower healthcare costs. They also have, on average, 31% higher productivity and creativity three times greater when compared to unhealthy employees. When employees are more productive and more creative, the performance of the overall organization improves and gets better bottom-line results. From there, organizations are also better positioned to complete for and retain top talent.

Achieving Wellness in the Workplace

WELCOA explains that these are seven distinct elements of wellness that need to be fulfilled in order to achieve overall wellness in each individual within the workplace:

  1. Health: Beyond the absence of mental and physical illness, health is the feeling of strength and energy from both the body and mind.
  2. Meaning: To feel a part of something bigger than oneself and to overall have a feeling of purpose.
  3. Safety: To feel safe from physical and psychological harm at work, and feel secure enough to take calculated risks and show vulnerability.
  4. Connection: To have positive and trusting relationships and feel a sense of belonging, acceptance and support.
  5. Achievement: To have the support, resources and autonomy to achieve one’s goals and to succeed at meeting those  individual goals.
  6. Growth: To be able to progress in one’s career and feel that they are challenged and encouraged to expand on their strengths.
  7. Resiliency: To view life with optimism, and to feel grateful, validated and encouraged.

By working to fulfill these needs, you will be joining WELCOA’s vision to set new standards for wellness initiatives and working culture, as well as improving the overall health and success of both your employees and overall organization. Click here to learn more!

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