Responding to the Delta Variant in the Workplace

The COVID-19 Delta Variant

As stated by the CDC, the COVID-19 delta variant is more than 2x as contagious as previous variants and data shows that it causes more severe illness than previous strains. As we head into cold and flu season, we are seeing the delta variant causing infections and hospitalizations to rise again in the United States.

As an employer, this news has most likely left you feeling unsure about your return-to-work strategy and what your next steps should be. To help guide you, we have listed tips below from the Society for Human Resources Management (SHRM) and the Human Resources Executive.  

Responding to the Delta Variant

  1. Return-to-Work Adjustments: If your office is located in a high infection rate area where the likelihood that an employee will bring COVID-19 into the workplace is very high, consider reevaluating your return-to-work strategy. Until infection rates improve, companies can reduce risk by having employees remain remote or by keeping down the number of employees in the workplace through hybrid work and staggered schedules.
  2. Mask Regulations:
  3. Masks help to provide protection against both being infected with COVID-19 and infecting others. For this reason, the CDC recommends that those who are unvaccinated, have any degree of immune compromise, or who have had organ transplant should wear well-fitting masks indoors. For those that are fully vaccinated, wearing a mask indoors in public will help maximize protection from the Delta variant and prevent possibly spreading it to others.
  4. Invest in Testing: Testing is one the most effective ways of preventing spread in the workplace. Employers that have already re-opened their workplace or are considering re-opening soon should strongly consider a strategy for regularly testing their employees. Health Designs offers diagnostic COVID-19 testing that accurately detects active infection, helps guide care management for infected individuals, and encourages timely isolation to prevent the spread of the virus throughout your organization. To learn more about our services, click here!
  5. Incorporate a Wellness Program: A recent study published in the U.S. National Library of Medicine found that living a healthy lifestyle improves your immune system and can reduce COVID-19 related complications. This means that focusing on health and well-being is more important than ever. Wellness programs provide a platform that educates and inspires behavior change that can improve the overall health of your employees. To learn more about incorporating a wellness program, visit our website!
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