The Benefits of Wellbeing Coaching in the Workplace

Wellbeing Coaching in the Workplace

Wellbeing coaching is a vital component when it comes to employee’s health and well-being goals. With wellbeing coaching, the first question you might ask is, what exactly is it? There are two primary modes of wellbeing coaching – in-person and phone-based. There are benefits to both modes but with recent times involving the pandemic and technological advancements, remote wellbeing coaching has increased in popularity.

Wellbeing coaches or a certified life coach help people enhance their life and lead them to a happier and healthier way of living. Both modes of wellbeing coaching provide a way for clients to reach their wellbeing goals and enjoy a healthy lifestyle.

Benefits of In-Person Wellbeing Coaching

In-person onsite wellbeing coaching offers face-to-face interaction that enables a deeper sense of connection between the participant and the coach. Wellbeing coaches can observe body language, facial expressions, and non-verbal cues to establish trust with participants. With in-person coaching, it’s more likely a wellbeing coach is able to pick up on nonverbal cues during sessions that might help guide them with the client’s needs. The physical presence of a wellbeing coach also provides motivation to participants to stay committed to their wellbeing goals.

Benefits of Telephonic Coaching 

Telephonic or remote wellbeing coaching has increased in popularity with the recent increase in remote working environments and technology. This remote wellbeing coaching is especially valuable for those who have geographical barriers as well as a more personalized wellness schedule for both the client and the wellbeing coach. With many events and meetings being placed online now, some people might be more comfortable with discussing their health goals via phone or video call.

Recommendations for Wellbeing Coaching

When deciding what wellbeing coach model to apply, it is important to consider your population and what offerings might meet their needs best. Are your employees more comfortable with face-to-face interaction and will they engage in the same manner over the phone or virtually? Is your population in the office on a regular basis or are they remote for the majority of their workweek?

Assess the accessibility of the program. Telephonic coaching might be more convenient for remote employees, or those with busy schedules, or those who are located in different geographical areas.

Offering a hybrid approach where your first coaching session is in person might help establish trust with the wellbeing coach, and then participants could have the option to continue through onsite or telephonic coaching sessions.

As with anything, it is always important to test your results. Determine what a successful program looks like, and gather feedback from participants to continually improve your approach and garner the best results. Visit our website today to learn more!


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