What are Wellbeing Coaches and Why are they Important for a Wellness Program?

What is Wellbeing Coaching?

Wellbeing coaching is done by a professional health coach. They take an holistic approach to helping employees live healthy, happy and fulfilled lives. Wellbeing coaches do not focus on just one area, instead they work with employees to identify challenges in all areas of their life.

Wellbeing coaches are mentors and guides for your employees. They do not tell employees exactly what they need to do or give the impression that employees need to be “fixed.” Rather, they will help employees discover what is holding them back by working with them to help clarify their core values, set goals and identify a vision for the future. The assigned coach will then work one-on-one with employees to guide them towards the actions needed to attain that vision and become the best possible version of themselves. They will also help employees to create achievable and realistic goals with measurable outcomes and timelines.

Why are Wellbeing Coaches Important?

Engagement can often be the most difficult element to maintain in a wellness program. Wellbeing coaches help tremendously with this because they help keep the program organized, interesting, and relevant to employees. Wellbeing coaches also provide tremendous value to a wellness program because of the many roles they can assist with, such as:

  • Advising your wellness committee.
  • Communicating and promoting wellness initiatives.
  • Delivering wellness workshops, awareness campaigns, group programs, and challenges.
  • Leading physical activities, i.e. walking groups, strength training.
  • Offering recommendations for environmental and cultural strategies that fosters total wellbeing.
  • Developing the communication strategy and providing periodic reporting to demonstrate progress, engagement, and outcomes of the wellness program.

The number 1 reason wellbeing coaches are important for your wellness program is because they help you get results! When you combine face-to-face or telephonic well-being coaching with engaging wellness workshops and other onsite programming opportunities, participants learn about relevant health topics and are supported with one-on-one guidance for goal setting and lifestyle improvements. This process allows individuals to discover what matters to them, what their personal health goals are, and what fosters their own motivation. From there, they receive support in attaining their health improvement goals. With wellbeing coaching, you will see results and sustained behavior change for your employees!

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