Are Biometric Screenings Worth It?

No! Biometric Screenings are Not Effective

Biometric screenings are short health examinations that are often used by organizations to help them measure the health of their employees. Metrics include height, weight, body mass index (BMI), blood pressure, blood cholesterol, blood sugar, and more. The data collected is then used to determine the risk level of a person for certain diseases and medical conditions, as well as help to establish a health baseline. However, there are many articles out there stating that biometric screenings are not effective in today’s workplace for numerous reasons, including:

  • They are outdated and waste resources
  • They do not provide a ROI or create culture change
  • They are not available to remote employees, therefore they are not inclusive

Some articles have even stated that the use of biometric screenings will set your wellness program back in both time and money, as well as prevent true culture change within the workplace. And you know what? All those statements are correct. Traditional biometric screenings will not provide a return on your investment or help create the change you are looking for. If not done correctly, then they can absolutely be a waste of time and resources.

To optimize the effectiveness of biometric screenings, they must be combined with well-being coaching. Simply conducting a biometric screening and providing raw data is not enough. Research shows that asking the right questions can make a person evaluate their own behavior and see where change needs to occur, and that is the exact job of health coaches. Biometric screenings integrated with well-being coaching, allows individuals to discover what matters to them, what their personal health goals are, and what fosters their own motivation. From there, they can pursue their health improvement goals. By employing a method of building accountability, and providing feedback and encouragement, behavior change is actually possible.

For hybrid or fully remote workforces, off-site and even at-home biometric screening solutions can be paired with telephonic coaching options. This ensures your workforce is inclusive and allows the same safe and meaningful experience for all employees.


Biometric screenings paired with well-being coaching are an invaluable part of any wellness program because they empower employees to understand their modifiable risk factors and help them learn what healthy lifestyle changes need to be made to improve their overall health. In addition, screening for and early detection of conditions, such as hypertension or increased blood sugar, is incredibly important to the well-being of each participant.

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