Approaching Wellness Initiatives in a Multi-Generational and Multi-Cultural Workforce

Diverse Workforces

Approaching wellness initiatives in a way that resonates with today’s diverse workforce with its multi-generational and multi-cultural employees can be difficult. The first step is to go beyond traditional claims and patterns to uncover employee motivations, values, preferences and cultural influences. Here are some tips that will lead the way to health and wellness initiatives that support employees around the multiple dimensions of health.

Utilize Technology

Technology provides great tools for giving people the support they need, when they need it. For example, consider implementing brief, informative health sessions employees can access anywhere, anytime from a mobile app. This approach can be used to supplement traditional onsite methods.

Respond to Cultural Differences

Whether for different generations or different cultures, it’s important to avoid wellness solutions that are devised and carried out in a silo. Instead, recognize individual mechanisms and needs and then adjust wellness solutions accordingly.

Employee Feedback is Important

If you want your wellness program to be successful, it is important to ask your people about their interests and needs. Consider creating a survey or holding a focus group at work to better understand what is most meaningful to your employees.

A little creativity goes a long way when it comes to wellness initiatives. Click here to learn more!

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