7 Tips for a Successful Home Workout Routine

Home Workouts

With COVID-19 cases predicted to spike during the fall and winter, many of us are planning on continuing our home workouts.  Considering the colder temperatures, indoor workouts will most likely be the preferred option. Whether you are new to at home workouts or you are looking for motivation to stick with your home workout routine during the winter months, the following tips can help ensure you are successful!

Tips for Success

Listed below are home workout tips from WELCOA and The Active Times:

  • Plan Ahead: Before your busy week starts, plan out the days and times that you will incorporate your workout. Try physically writing it down on your calendar to motivate you to follow through.
  • Start Small: If you are just begging your home workout routine, start with small goals. Instead of jumping to working out every single day, try two days a week and build up from there as you get stronger and more committed.
  • Practice Self-Motivation: Whether it is every month, every week or every day, recognize when you need a motivational boost. Sit back and think about why working out is important to you. Ask yourself why you want to achieve the goals you set and envision how you will feel once you complete them.
  • Get creative: Don’t have gym equipment at home? No worries! You’d be surprised what a little creativity can do for your home workouts. Use hand towels as sliders on your wood or tile floors, use sturdy chairs or coffee tables to do triceps dips, use gallons of milk or laundry detergent as weights, etc.
  • Mix it up: Avoid doing the same workout every time. Mixing it up not only keeps you more interested and motivated, but it ensures your entire body is getting stronger. For example, switch between arm and leg days, do cardio and/or HIIT workouts, have yoga or stretching days, and do body weight only days.
  • Find an accountability partner: It could be a friend, family member, or colleague, but find someone who can hold you accountable for your workouts. You can also do virtual workouts together, do walk-and-talks, or simply text about how your workouts went and what your plans are for the upcoming days.
  • Track Your Progress: Tracking your progress doesn’t only mean weighing and measuring yourself periodically to track improvements. Try using an app where you can log your workouts or mark them off your calendar with a specific color of highlighter. Being able to look back and see how much you’ve completed builds self-confidence and motivates you to do more.

For more information on building a successful home workout routine, click here!

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