5 Health Tips For Remote Workers

Working Remotely

In 2018, the International Workplace Group (IWG), found that 70% of professionals work remotely at least one day a week and 53% work remotely for at least half of the week. This is a trend that is only expected to grow in popularity. However, the most difficult part about working remotely, is creating a healthy, productive routine and sticking to it. So, whether you’ve been working remotely for years and are looking to refresh your daily routine, or you just started a remote position and you are looking for guidance on how to stay healthy, these are the tips for you!

Health Tips For Remote Workers

  1. Have a morning routine. Follow a morning routine just like you would if you were going into the office. Drink a cup of coffee, eat breakfast, workout, shower, etc. Whatever you need to do to feel awake, focused, and ready take on the day. The most important step, though, is to change out of your pajamas, even if it is just into workout clothes.
  2. Create a separate and productive workspace. Ideally, you want to set up a home office that helps you separate your job from your home life. You also want this space to be clean, clutter free, and a reflection of what motivates you.
  3. Plan healthy meals. Prepare for each week by creating a healthy meal plan. To help yourself stick to it and avoid temptations, only buy the ingredients for the meals you planned as well as healthy snacks. Remember to not skip meals and have a nutritious snack when you start feeling hungry or sluggish. Proper nutrition throughout the day will keep your cognitive performance and productivity up, as well as your mood.
  4. Write down your schedule. To help you stick to your healthy routine, write down your entire schedule for each day. This should include things like your daily tasks, appointments, and goals, as well as your workout, your meals, and health reminders, such as to drink water or stand up and stretch.
  5. Socialize. Working remotely can get lonely at times, so it is important to socialize. You can try switching up your work environment and go to the library, coffee shop, or a freelance workspace. You can also attend workout classes, join a club, or look up remote worker social groups in your area.

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