Why Invest in Employee Wellness?

Beyond ROI

When making the decision to incorporate a wellness program, most organizations only consider ROI and lower healthcare costs. While these are definitely benefits, workplace wellness is really all about employees. Investing in employee wellness has a positive impact on not only employees, but the overall office environment.

Benefits of Investing in Employee Wellness

According to this Entrepreneur article, these are the top reasons to invest in employee wellness:

It Brings Teams Closer Together

  • Fun and social wellness challenges give everyone a common goal. It can be anything from reaching step goals together or attending innovation sessions. This is also a great way to help employees get to know each other. Workplace wellness programs create an environment where employees feel encouraged and supported in improving their health, well-being and work relationships.

Improves Trust Between Employees and Leaders

  • Trust between employers and employees is necessary for any organization’s success. Trust drastically improves when employees feel like their employer cares about their well-being. According to a 2015 survey conducted by Quantum Workplace and Limeade, employees are 38% more engaged and 18% more likely to go the extra mile when their employers make their health a priority.

Boosts Morale and Motivation

  • When workplace wellness programs reinforce the organization’s values and mission, it helps all employees feel connected to the organization and each other. This creates a sense of community and reminds employees their job is not just a paycheck. Consider promoting charity walks or races and allowing time for volunteering at a charity of their choice as part of your wellness program. A renewed sense of purpose provides a jolt of motivation and gives employees a sense of meaning.

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