Why Implementing a Recognition Program is a Good Business Decision

The Importance of Employee Recognition

As stated by the Benefits Guide, employee recognition and appreciation are the foundation for a positive workplace culture and a productive, engaged workforce. Not only that, but studies have proven that there is a link between feeling appreciated and employee health, both physical and mental.

According to a 2017 WorkHuman survey, 45% of the surveyed employees hadn’t been recognized at work in six months or more, and 16% said they have never been recognized at work. Additional data from the survey showed that employees valued a meaningful job more than a paycheck, and 93% of employees who had been recognized said they felt their job had a meaningful purpose. When employees who hadn’t been recognized were asked the same question, the number of employees who felt their job was meaningful plummeted. Further data collected from a Bamboo HR survey, showed that 82% of employees would rather receive recognition from their employer than a gift or bonus.

The statistics above prove that implementing a better recognition and appreciation program into your business strategy would be beneficial not only for your employees, but for your organization as a whole. When employees feel that their job has meaning and they are appreciated for the work they do, they are more productive, more engaged, and more satisfied in the workplace. This leads to lower turnover, improved ability to attract top talent, and an overall more positive culture.

Tips for Giving Recognition

  • Don’t wait to give recognition: Everyone loves instant gratification and this holds true with employees. Recognizing employees soon after a job well done instantly improves their mood and motivates them to continue doing well. Consider weekly one-on-one acknowledgement, shout-outs on the company’s internal communication platform, or train managers on giving instant recognition.
  • Recognition tactics should reflect the accomplishment: Take the time to consider the various accomplishments you are giving recognition for. If it is a small accomplishment, then a one-on-one “good job” or shout-out during a team meeting will work well. However, if it is a big accomplishment that had a positive impact on the entire organization, then a companywide announcement is more fitting.
  • Align recognition with core values: Whatever your organization’s core values are, make sure the recognition you give supports them. This shows employees you are committed to your values, which increases both their respect for you and their engagement.
  • Ensure recognition is inclusive: While employees higher up may have the biggest accomplishments, make sure to recognize entry level employees for their accomplishments, too. This will make those employees feel both included and appreciated and show them that there are growth opportunities for them within organization.

Encourage Peer-to-Peer Recognition

The 2017 WorkHuman survey also discovered that peer-to-peer recognition increases engagement, job satisfaction, and the likelihood that employees will recommend their workplace to others. To help encourage peer-to-peer recognition among your employees, follow these tips from the Benefits Guide!

  • Notes and certificates: Consider having color coded notes or certificates in the office for employees to fill out and distribute to their peers. Each color can represent a different achievement, such as “job well done” or “going above and beyond.” This creates an easy system of recognizable notes/certificates for employees to collect and share recognition.
  •  Shared Trophy: We love the idea of having a shared trophy to pass around the office! It can be any type of trophy that fits your company culture, whether it’s a traditional trophy, large or small, a funny or cute stuffed animal, or even a plant! Something that the employee can keep for a set amount of time, and then they can present it to another employee as a form of recognition for whoever they think as earned it.
  • Bulletin board. Installing a bulletin board in he break room or visible space in the office is a simple and affordable way to provide employees a space to recognize their peers. They can leave a note, or you can create a tally system for employees to tally a point as recognition for jobs well done.
  • Add to an existing program. If you already have a system for giving recognition, brainstorm some ideas to build on that and allow employees to also give recognition..For example, if you gave team members movie tickets for doing well on a project, provide them with a couple extra that they can pass out to other employees who may have not been on the project team, but still contributed to the success of the project in some meaningful way.

Following these recognition tips will go a long way in helping you improve your company culture and improve the day-to-day lives of your employees! Click here to learn more!

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