Tips For Having a Healthy Halloween

Halloween Sweets

Halloween is only a few days away, which means sweets are going to be everywhere! Between the candy for trick-or-treaters, Halloween themed parties and events, and Halloween treats on sale at the grocery store, it can be easy to feel overwhelmed. While a day or two of indulgence is perfectly acceptable, Halloween can be the beginning of a slippery slope back into unhealthy habits. With Thanksgiving and Christmas right around the corner, staying on track now will help you stay healthy throughout the entire holiday season.

Staying Healthy This Halloween

To help keep you feeling your best throughout the Halloween weekend, we’ve collected the best tips!

  1. Buy your least favorite candy for trick-or-treaters. This way you won’t be tempted to snack on them before or after Halloween!
  2. If you’ve got a serious sweet tooth, consider buying toys to pass out to trick-or-treaters. Your local dollar store will have lots of options, often for the same price you’d spend on candy. Bouncy balls, Army men, sidewalk chalk, bubbles, and other toys will be a fun and a different surprise for trick-or-treaters as well.
  3. Schedule a workout the morning of Halloween to help yourself crave healthier food options. It will also help keep you feeling energized throughout the day of activities.
  4. To help keep you active, look for themed workout classes or races in your area to participate in on or leading up to Halloween.
  5. Continue eating balanced meals, especially before any Halloween party or event. Filling up with veggies, lean protein, fiber, and whole grains will help you feel full and satisfied, which will help reduce sugary cravings.
  6. Whether you are going to a Halloween party or hosting one, make some healthy snacks! This isn’t as hard as it sounds. Pumpkin is a superfood and can be used in many healthy snack recipes. Also, Brit + Co has some amazing ideas including Monster Sushi, Veggie Trays (arranged into the shapes of Halloween characters), Pumpkin Seed Snack Clusters, Roasted Sweet Potato Hummus, and so much more!
  7. Turn trick-or-treating into a workout! If you are taking your kids trick-or-treating, pick the longest route or the route with the most hills to get the whole family’s heart rate up.
  8. Stay hydrated! On days full of activities, it can be easy to forget to drink enough water. However, busy days are when you need it the most! Keep your water bottle with you and refill it as soon as it is empty. Staying hydrated will not only keep you from feeling fatigued, but it will help keep you feeling full.

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