The Seven Core Beliefs of Great Leaders

Being a Great Leader

Sometimes it can be difficult to describe exactly what makes a leader great. We can tell immediately when we are around one or work for one, though. They are the kind of people that motivate and inspire us, and their everyday actions positively impact the entire workplace. Someone’s beliefs is the driving force behind all their actions. That is why Dr. Travis Bradberry, award-winning co-author of Emotional Intelligence 2.0 and co-founder of TalentSmart, has complied a list of the core beliefs shared by great leaders.

Core Beliefs of Great Leaders

  1. Growth should always be encouraged. Instead of fearing the growth of their employees, great leaders want to see their employees grow and excel. They know that good feedback and guidance are invaluable when creating new leaders and maximizing their employees potential.
  2. Each employee is a unique individual. Many leaders group their employees together as one unit. Great leaders, though, know each employee has their own motivation and style of learning. and they take the time to figure out what they are.
  3. Employees need to be trusted. Great leaders see employees as peers who are perfectly capable of making decisions. Rather than micromanaging, they make it clear that they value and trust their employees’ work and only intervene when it’s absolutely necessary.
  4. Work can and should be enjoyable. Great leaders love the work they do. They pride themselves on giving assignments to employees based on their strengths, passions, and talents, and always make sure they celebrate accomplishments and give feedback.
  5. Diversity helps the company grow. Instead of only hiring and listening to like-minded people, great leaders seek out diversity. They also create a culture where all voices are heard so that the company is exposed to new ways of thinking.
  6. True motivation comes from inspiration. Great leaders lead through inspiration. They know that forceful motivation will not succeed in the long run. Instead, they focus on sharing their energy, vision, and passion with employees.
  7. Change should not be feared. Great leaders see change as an opportunity for improvement. Therefore, they are able to adapt their approach and embrace change to stay ahead of the curve.

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