The Importance of Wellness Collaboration

Workplace Wellness

WELCOA defines wellness as, “Wellness is the active pursuit to understand and fulfill your individual human needs—which allows you to reach a state where you are flourishing and able to realize your full potential in all aspects of life. Every person has wellness aspirations. Successful workplace wellness initiatives require supporting employees in fulfilling their needs in seven areas.” Those areas include health, meaning, safety, connection, achievement, growth, and resiliency. As wellness professionals, we often take on the sole responsibility of achieving out own wellness goals, but also helping employees achieve their wellness aspirations.

In a recent WELCOA article, they expanded on their definition of wellness and brought up the point of collaboration. Something we often forget is that, “we don’t need to own every part of wellness or to be the expert in everything.” To truly deliver a holistic approach to achieving wellness goals, we must collaborate with others. WELCOA explains that collaboration is the key to growth. Collaborating both across your own organization and with other organizations expands your knowledge and improves your ability to help others on their wellness journeys.

Wellness Collaboration

Listed below are examples of wellness collaboration and tips from WELCOA to help you achieve your organization’s wellness aspirations!

  • Collaborate with Leaders. Talk with your leaders and ask what is important to them and what wellness goals they want to achieve. Ask what challenges they are facing when it comes to completing those goals and work together to brainstorm solutions.
  • Form a wellness committee or group of ambassadors. If it is possible to forma committee, you can collaborate with members in meetings, as well as encourage all team members to introduce or highlight other wellness professionals who can contribute to your wellness agenda.
  • Collaborate with HR. Talk with your HR department and internal Talent team about the organization’s wellness agenda and what roles could be beneficial. WELCOA shares the example of incorporating wellness champions who work specifically to build on identified core competencies.
  • Join Your Employees. Think about where employees and leaders already go to meet, such as department meetings, employee networks, town halls, etc., and join them! Bring your wellness resources and get everyone involved in a productive conversation.
  • Connect with Groups. Be on the lookout for community groups, projects, and initiatives that naturally tie into wellness. These are great opportunities for your organization to get involved and expand their reach into wellness, leadership, team building, diversity, inclusion, and safety!

For more information on wellness collaboration visit WELCOA! They also have a variety of free resources available to aid you in achieving your wellness goals!

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