Supercharge Results and Become an Effective Leader

Being an Effective Leader

“No matter where you are in your career journey, it’s never too late to pick up good habits and become a truly effective leader.” Here are some tips from Richard Freedhoff, the Vice President of Biz Dev & Sales, on positively impacting your team and supercharging your organization’s results.

Tips to Supercharge Results

  • Focus On Priorities: Sit down at the beginning of each week and write down your top priorities. Then come up with what needs to be done each work day to achieve them. By having a an outlined system for achieving priorities, you will be able to accomplish the goals most important to the team’s success.
  • Eliminate Time Wasting Activities: According to, 89% of employees admit to wasting time at work every day. The top two time wasting activities are meetings and emailing. Freedhoff recommends blocking off certain times during the day to check emails instead of constantly checking it throughout the day. Also, meetings should be well designed with a clear purpose, agenda and outcomes to speed decision-making. Only invite key stakeholders and be sure to start and end on time.
  • Trust Your Team: When you don’t trust team members, you will find yourself micromanaging all of their activities. This means your work is not getting done and it create an ineffective process. Give your team members access to all the tools they need, set clear goals for them to accomplish and coach when needed.
  • Create Results: There are many work activities that do not aid in creating results. So, clearly outline team members’ role expectations and explain how results will be measured. This will help your team focus on results and encourage them to spend their time wisely.
  • Never Stop Improving: Effective leaders are committed to continuous improvement. Self-evaluate frequently and see what you can do to improve as a leader and be open to team member suggestions on improving the work process. Constant improvement is a key tool to success.

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