Staying Healthy and Fit While Traveling This Summer

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June is finally here! It’s time to enjoy longer days, hang out by the pool, go to the beach, and of course, take a vacation! Whether you’ve been working on getting healthy and fit to keep up with kids this summer, fit into last year’s summer wardrobe, or just to follow through with your commitment to living a healthier lifestyle, don’t let your summer vacations interrupt your progress. Listed below are tips on staying healthy and fit from Lauren Mowery, a food and travel writer who is dedicated to staying healthy and fit on the go.

Staying Healthy and Fit While Traveling

  1. Bread. While you travel, you will most likely be eating out more. Most restaurants bring a basket of bread before the meal, and it is easy to have two or three servings while waiting. Not only are they empty carbs, but they can fill you up before your main course and could make you enjoy it less. You don’t have to avoid bread all together, though! Just save it for the truly delicious bread found at the local bakeries.
  2.  Breakfast. Eating a healthy breakfast on the go can be tricky. Hotel breakfasts are full of tempting waffles, pancakes, muffins, and sugary cereals. However, if you look closely, you can find plain yogurt, hard boiled eggs, and fruit. Sticking to something like this will give you much more energy throughout the day. If you are traveling somewhere like Europe, that only seems to offer cappuccinos and flavored croissants in the morning, take a trip to the nearest grocery store. Stock up on bananas, oatmeal, and healthy proteins. Then, just eat breakfast at your hotel or Airbnb.
  3. Water. It is very important to stay hydrated while you travel, especially during warm summer months. Many people only drink water with their meals while on vacation, which leads them to feel dehydrated and fatigued. Keep a water bottle with you throughout the day to keep this from happening!
  4. Exercise. If you’re staying somewhere with a gym, set aside 20 minutes every other morning for a quick workout. If your schedule permits every day, that’s even better! Don’t aim to lose weight while on vacation, though. Just focus on helping your body feel energized and ready for the day. If you don’t have a gym, walk as much as you can. Skip the Segway and bus tours, and do a walking tour instead. You’ll be amazed how easy it is to reach your 10,000 steps every day if you explore a city on foot. Another great option is to rent a bike for the duration of your trip.
  5. Alcohol and Dessert. Since every day of vacation feels like a special occasion, many of us order a drink with lunch and then another glass or two with dinner. In addition to that, we get dessert every night. This can cause bloat and lack of energy, which makes vacation a lot less fun. Remember that moderation is key! Only indulge in a dessert if it is something truly amazing or something you’ve never had before and are excited to try. You can also split a dessert with your travel companions, rather than all getting your own. As for alcohol, come up with a plan that works for you. Either limit it to one glass a day, or have an alcohol free day every other day.
  6. Sleep. Try to keep your body on as much as a schedule as possible, so your body gets time to recover and rest. If you are wanting to get up and explore early every morning, then don’t force yourself to stay up until midnight. If you do have a late night, then allow yourself to sleep in the next day. This will prevent you from being over-exhausted during your trip.

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