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Maintaining Healthy Brain Function

Brain Function and Mental Health According to Harvard Health, mental decline is one of the most feared consequences of aging. While brain function and mental health can decline as you age, it is not inevitable. There are many ways to keep your brain...

How To Re-Humanize Your Workplace

The Re-Humanization Revolution We live in a society that is rapidly changing and evolving. What may have worked for business and wellness a few years ago, may no longer work now. To help describe this increasingly complex reality, WELCOA uses the acronym...

Celebrate Healthy Aging Month!

Celebrate Healthy Aging Month September is Heathy Aging Month! This is an annual observance designed to promote physical, mental, social and financial wellbeing, as well as focus national attention on the importance of healthy aging. According to Carolyn...

The Truth Behind Open Work Environments

Open Work Environments Having an open work environment is becoming more and more popular each year. Open floor plans are believed to increase productivity and creativity as they allow improved teamwork and collaboration opportunities. In addition, open...

How To Start Exercising On a Regular Basis

A Healthy Lifestyle Change You've made the decision to commit to a healthier lifestyle. You have made nutritional adjustments that work best for you, you have been mindful of your food choices while eating out, you are focusing on staying positive, and now...

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