Making a Fun and Engaging Wellness Calendar for 2019

End of The Year Analytics

With December here, many employers are crunching the numbers and analyzing their wellness program data. This is the time where the effectiveness of wellness programs are measured in comparison to the last calendar year and plans are made for the next year. If you are like most, then you are probably already thinking about ways to make your wellness offerings for 2019 more fun and engaging to ensure the highest participation levels and best possible results. Follow the tips below from Josh Lambert, the Director at Pinnacle Health Group!

Tips for a Fun and Engaging Wellness Calendar

1. Timing and Relevance are everything! The best way to get employees engaged in your program is to make sure the information and activities are relevant to them. For example, if you want to provide skin cancer checks, be sure to schedule them during the summer time when employees are out in the sun and planning outdoor vacations. In the winter, consider holding events that fit in the holiday theme, such healthy baking contests or have the whole team participate in a Jingle Bell 5k!
2. Bring on the fun! Almost all wellness programs include the standard health events such as flu vaccines, biometric screenings, and some sort of educational element, such as wellness seminars. Think of some more interesting and unique health events to sprinkle between the standard events to keep employees engaged. Consider surveying your employees to find out what they would enjoy the most, whether it is a yoga or kickboxing class or healthy lunch potlucks. Asking for their opinion is a great way to spark engagement!
3. Feed their appetite for knowledge. In this era of technology, knowledge is power. Using technology is a great way to share information with employees about their health and giving them the opportunity to learn. Things like wearables, Heath ATMs (health score and key metrics in a few minutes), online platforms, and health related apps generate curiosity and help motivate employees to participate in healthy activities.
4. Provide active work spaces. Creating a wellness culture shows employees you are committed to the wellness cause, and this will encourage more participation and engagement. One way to contribute to a wellness culture is to provide active work spaces. Whether it is work desks that shift from sitting to standing, exercise balls for chairs, walking meetings, or weekly lunch time exercise classes, they all create a positive attitude towards a healthy work life!
5. Align your calendar with national and international observances. The best way to stay relevant is to participate in national and international observances! Observances such as American Heart Month and National Stress Awareness Month are great examples, and there are usually already marketing materials available to incorporate into your wellness program!

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