How To Re-Humanize Your Workplace

The Re-Humanization Revolution

We live in a society that is rapidly changing and evolving. What may have worked for business and wellness a few years ago, may no longer work now. To help describe this increasingly complex reality, WELCOA uses the acronym VUCA, which stands for: volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous. The VUCA world we find ourselves in is leading to more and more de-humanized workplaces where employees are being treated like controllable, emotionless machines. As cited by WELCOA, this humanity crisis is responsible for an estimated 120,000 deaths per year and accounts for 8% of our healthcare spend.
You may be wondering how to keep your organization “human” when technological, environmental, and demographic demands are constantly shifting. The answer is not to cling to outdated strategies, but to evolve, re-humanize, and create a thriving workplace culture.

How To Re-Humanize Your Workplace

Listed below are 5 tips from a recent WELCOA article on how to improve your workplace culture in a VUCA world:

  1. Communicate a Clear Vision: WELCOA states, “people can’t be successful unless they know what’s expected of them, feel connected to a shared vision, know how they fit into that vision, and know how they need to show up and behave in order to realize that purpose and shared vision.” Purpose and fulfillment both matter to employees, so it’s important to make the vision of the organization known. Every task and goal should directly relate back to and support that vision as well.
  2. Create a Fearless Environment: Your workplace culture should foster a psychologically safe environment where employees feel they can show up to work as their authentic selves. This requires celebrating diversity and the unique strengths of each employee. Creativity and collaboration will thrive as a result.
  3. Encourage Self-Reflection: The best workplace cultures honor what makes humans human. Support and equip employees to self-reflect, push them outside their comfort zones, and facilitate personal growth. It takes time to develop and transform, and giving employees the support they need to do so will help them thrive in this VUCA world.
  4. Be an Authentic Leader: Remember that leadership is a behavior, so show up and be authentically human. Work on becoming a better version of yourself and make it a priority to create a space for others to do the same. Your goal everyday should be to influence positive change within your workplace!
  5. Collaborate and Connect: Re-humanizing a workplace cannot be done alone. It takes the teamwork of those committed to the same clear, compelling vision to build a thriving culture. Start by building relationships, and allow the positive energy from those relationships grow and build momentum. Soon you will have a diverse community with unique skills and strengths all working to support the culture you created as a team.

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