How to Improve Employee Engagement with Recognition

Why Is Employee Engagement Important?

According to this Forbes article, employee engagement is determined by how committed and passionate an employee is about their work and company. With engaged employees, an organization lowers their risk of turnover, boosts customer satisfaction, and increases their overall chance of being successful. Not to mention engaged employees are typically happier, more productive, and have a better sense of work life balance. In the long run, engaged employees feel less stressed at work, which helps keep them healthier.

How To Improve Employee Engagement

A recent Gallup poll revealed that only 32% of employees in the United States are engaged at work. That means more than two-thirds of employees are not engaged at work. Many organizations believe that monetary rewards are the best way to improve employee engagement, but money and gifts can only motivate and engage employees for so long. According to a study conducted by Bamboo HR, 82% of employees would rather receive recognition than a gift. Employees need to feel like they’re respected, that they’re part of the team, and that their ideas matter. The best way to do that is to give them recognition for a job well done.

Tips for Giving Recognition and Improving Engagement

  1. Don’t wait to give recognition: Everyone loves instant gratification and this holds true with employees. Recognizing employees soon after a job well done instantly improves their mood and motivates them to continue doing well. Consider weekly one-on-one acknowledgement, shout-outs on the company’s internal communication platform, or train managers on giving instant recognition.
  2. Recognition tactics should reflect the accomplishment: Take the time to consider the various accomplishments you are giving recognition for. If it is a small accomplishment, then a one-on-one “good job” or shout-out during a team meeting will work well. However, if it is a big accomplishment that had a positive impact on the entire organization, then a company wide announcement is more fitting.
  3. Align recognition with core values: Whatever your organization’s core values are, make sure the recognition you give supports them. This shows employees you are committed to your values, which increases both their respect for you and their engagement.
  4. Ensure recognition is inclusive: While employees higher up may have the biggest accomplishments, make sure to recognize entry level employees for their accomplishments, too. This will make those employees feel both included and appreciated, and show them that there are growth opportunities for them within organization.

Following these recognition tips will go a long way in helping your organization improve its culture and overall employee engagement. Click here for more information!

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