How to Have a Positive Mindset

What Exactly is a Positive Mindset?

Having a positive mindset does not mean going through life ignoring unpleasant situations or situations that make you uncomfortable. Mayo Clinic explains that, at its core, a positive mindset means taking a more positive and productive approach to all situations in life. Instead of letting an unpleasant event ruin your day, you try to find the positive and focus on that. If you can’t find a positive, then you decide to focus on what you can learn from it instead of blaming yourself or others.

Benefits of a Positive Mindset

Mayo Clinic research has proven that a positive attitude leads to a healthier life. Optimists have stronger immune systems, lower levels of cardiovascular disease and a longer life span when compared to pessimists. A positive outlook is not only good for your health, but it also improves productivity and performance at work and in your everyday life. It isn’t completely clear why people with a positive attitude experience healthier, longer lives, however researchers believe it is because being positive allows you to better cope with stress. This, in turn, reduces the harmful effects of stress on the body.

Steps for Reframing Your Mindset

It is incredibly important to remember that adopting a positive mindset comes with patience and practice. Here are some tips and strategies to consider as you work on reframing your mindset!

  1. Focus on happy moments. Many people let the everyday small, happy moments slip away without enjoying them. Remember to slow down and focus on experiences as they unfold. Think about why it makes you happy and hold on to that. This teaches your brain to look for positive moments throughout the day, helping to keep you feeling happier for longer.
  2. Smile more. Research has shown that those who smile (or fake-smiled) during a stressful task were more positive afterwards.
  3. Re-examine the situation. When things don’t go your way be sure to look at the positives of what occurred.
  4. Journal your gratitude. Research has found that those who kept a gratitude journal were more thankful, optimistic, and positive about the future and slept better. Consider making a gratitude journal apart of your bedtime routine to maximize benefits.
  5. Vision your best possible future. Think about your future and what it entails – career, relationships, hobbies, and health. Writing down your vision for the future is a great way to adopt a positive mindset but you can also take it one step further by creating a physical vision board with words and pictures to get a better visualization.

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