How Office Culture Impacts Employee Retention

Positive Office Culture

Positive office culture can have the strongest impact on not only your organization’s success, but also employee retention. When the values of your organization and your personal leadership values align with that of your employees, amazing things start to happen. Employees feel higher levels of self-esteem and an improved mood, which will make them more capable of performing their best. This will then help drive efficiency within your organization and help you retain top talent.

Tips to Improve Office Culture

Every office is different, so there is not a one size fits all model for improving office culture. But here is advice from Forbes that stands true for any organization:

  1. Follow up with the culture you create: Instead of demanding a cultural change, start demonstrating the behavior you want to see through your leadership and reward and recognize employees when they demonstrate the same.
  2. Incorporate technology: Finding tools that motivate and encourage employees is a great way to improve office culture. Tracking progress and hard work in return for incentives and recognition creates a fun, motivational environment.
  3. Design teams that combine the best of both worlds: Creating teams with varying talents allows team members to contribute their individual skills and feel valued. This not only allows the best business outcome, but it boosts employees’ mood and improves their relationships with team members.

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